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New entry
On 2018/04/13-17:53:10 by gilles.
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L'Agenda du Cinéma
On 2017/12/13-22:28:25 by 1317857.
See: Agenda

On 2017/11/05-07:11:12 by gilles.
See: Promotor

Centre des arts Juliette-Lassonde
On 2017/11/05-07:09:33 by gilles.
See: Show Hall

On 2017/10/19-11:26:10 by gilles.
See: Organizer

Parc du Mont-Royal
On 2017/05/18-13:56:37 by 1317857.
See: Urban Park

Sugar Sammy
On 2017/05/18-13:17:04 by sugar.
See: Organizer

Grant Park
On 2017/03/02-18:21:31 by gilles.
See: Urban Park

L'Agenda de Sugar Sammy
On 2016/12/19-18:50:17 by gilles.
See: Agenda

L'Agenda de Live Nation
On 2016/12/14-13:59:04 by gilles.
See: Agenda

Agenda de Grands événements
On 2016/12/14-13:55:08 by gilles.
See: Agenda

L'Agenda de BIWI.ca
On 2016/12/14-13:30:59 by gilles.
See: Agenda

Réseau Ovation inc.
On 2016/02/10-15:47:51 by gilles.
See: Tickets Agencie Promotor

Barclays Center
On 2015/12/22-21:38:46 by gilles.
See: Venue

Suncor Community Leisure Centre
On 2015/04/24-11:02:03 by gilles.
See: Venue

On 2015/04/24-10:56:51 by gilles.
See: Organizer

Ile des Moulins
On 2015/04/24-10:33:57 by gilles.
See: Urban Park

Sarl FFA
On 2015/04/24-10:32:39 by cinema.
See: Organizer

Sodect Societe de developement culturel de Terrebonne
On 2014/09/22-12:10:57 by gilles.
See: Organizer

Bicycle Film Festival
On 2014/06/10-14:10:46 by gilles.
See: Organizer

Coliseo de Puerto Rico
On 2014/04/16-10:14:11 by liven.
See: Venue

Festival del Film Locarno
On 2014/02/07-16:53:42 by cinema.
See: Organizer

On 2013/11/13-11:50:44 by gilles.
See: Promotor

Salle Maurice O'Bready U. de Sherbrooke
On 2013/11/13-11:15:43 by gilles.
See: Show Hall

Molson Amphitheatre
On 2013/10/29-10:42:59 by liven.
See: Venue

The Entry Line
On 2013/09/27-09:41:58 by gilles.
See: Promotor

Diana Edwards Show Services
On 2013/09/27-09:24:20 by gilles.
See: Organizer

Telluride Film Festival
On 2013/09/10-09:46:59 by gilles.
See: Organizer

On 2013/09/10-09:35:36 by gilles.
See: Organizer

On 2013/09/07-04:07:02 by gilles.
See: Organizer

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